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Duff Sabella, Skipper

Duff Sabella is a USCG 100-ton Master with several years experience working as professional crew aboard such renowned schooners as the Lynx, Alabama and Shenandoah, as well as working commercially as a merchant mariner in the Gulf of Mexico and Inland Waterways on both supply and towing vessels. Duff acquired the Glory (formerly the Caledonian) up in Ontario, Canada in May of 2013 and sailed her up the St. Lawrence River and around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to her permanent home in Maine. A consummate seaman with a thorough working knowledge of traditional vessels and the sailing customs of old, Duff is always ready to strike up a shanty, raise a glass or teach a new knot or technique, so be prepared to explore something new and different out on his classroom of the sea.

The Tall Ship Lynx played a significant part in Capt. Duff’s experience at sea. This inspiring video features the vessel and crew that Duff was fortunate enough to serve with, as well as brief footage of his operations as the Ship's Gunner. Enjoy!