Glory is a half-scale replica of the colonial Marblehead-Class schooners employed by the British Royal Navy as patrol vessels on the Atlantic seaboard back in the late 1760’s. 

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The schooner was built by Dr. Allyn May of Vermont and launched at Rockport Marine in 2002. Dr. May’s lifelong dream was to build a wooden boat of his own, and utilizing the plans of legendary builder and designer Howard Chapelle, crafted a truly unique vessel of distinction and grace. The boat was based out of Canada for several years, during which time it took part in several War of 1812 reenactments on the Great Lakes. Her service to the Crown having come to an end, she’s a proper Yankee privateer now with Old Glory flying proud. Huzzah!         

dr. may   

dr. may




Port – Portland, Maine
Max. Guests – Six
Crew – One, plus guest volunteer(s) 
Designer – Howard Chapelle
Length – 29' Length on Deck, 38' Sparred
Beam – 9'
Draft – 6'                                                           Engine Yanmar 3-Cylinder Diesel                  Signal Device – 1/3 Scale 12-Pounder on a Naval Carriage     


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A replica warship should never be commissioned to service without her guns. This is GLORY's 1/3 scale 12-pounder, and it is cleared for ACTION!!!    (click to enlarge)