What guests are saying about their time aboard the Glory:

The trip and experience was amazing. Thank you for allowing us to participate and thanks for all the knowledge you shared with us about sailing. We would gladly get on your boat again and we will tell all our friends about the great time we had.
— Cheryl from Raleigh, NC
An amazing evening sail! We went on the sunset tour and had an incredible time on the schooner. A much more hands-on experience than any of the other sailing tours in Portland, which was exactly what we wanted! I highly recommend to anyone; this was the highlight of our trip to Maine.
— Jennifer from Philadelphia, PA
Thank you for a beautiful sail, Captain Duffy! We completely enjoyed ourselves... and enjoyed your history lessons, your calm demeanor and your old sailor (shanty) singing as well! Completely perfect!
— Nora from Windsor, CT
Just a wonderful experience. Enjoyed by all.
— Russell from Gorham, ME
Great day sailing with Duff! Got to help trim the lines and steer. Lots of fun!
— Beth from Lowell, MA