3-Day Meal Service     $215 plus grocery cost*

Appx. 8-hour day (1 hour shopping / 6 hours prep time / 1 hour cleanup). Service for 2 to 4 people. All meals stored in refrigerator.

Dinner Party (up to 12 people)     $22.50/hr plus grocery and transit cost

Hours depend on types of food items requested, as well as number of courses and/or type of table service

*The flat fee of the 3-Day Service is a baseline amount which represents the average hours required in a day to execute an exceptionally high-quality meal service - the entrees, sides and sauces and/or accompaniments - for 2 to 4 people. Additional family members and/or guests would add, of course, to that baseline amount at an hourly rate of $22.50/hour.

Grocery cost varies from family to family and week to week, based on the types of items prepared, present stock of pantry items in household and style preferences.

These rates are for clients in the Boston Metro Area only. Clients in the outlying suburban areas incur a 10% transit fee to cover the additional costs of MBTA Commuter Rail and Uber. Rates are non-negotiable.


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