Basic Guidelines

In an effort to establish and maintain mutual good will, open and honest communication, and clear expectations, the following parameters have been put in place to prevent any possible misunderstandings from developing along the way. They include:

Weekly Communications - the chef will initiate communications usually the day before each service by text or e-mail, and sometimes by phone if necessary. Please feel free to make recommendations and/or even pass along recipes that you would like the chef to consider preparing.

Structure of Meals - each prepared meal will consist of:

  • An entrèe (protein, usually meat), with its accompanying sauce (or salsa, relish, compote, reduction, rub, etc.)
  • A carbohydrate (simple side such as a mashed or par-roasted potato, some kind of steamed rice, pasta/noodles or grain), and/or
  • A vegetable (steamed green or other type) or simple side salad* with a vinaigrette-type dressing

*Please note that salad requests in addition to vegetable sides will require extra preparation time (and cost), as well as any other additional item requests such as an appetizer, soup or dessert. Happy to do them! But they are treated as extra items requiring extra time and cost.

Cleanliness of Kitchen and Equipment - the chef will make every effort to leave the kitchen and it's equipment as clean as he found it at the end of each cooking day. The chef is not responsible, however, for the overall cleanliness and/or maintenance of kitchen equipment, including refrigerator, freezer and oven(s).

Containers - the chef and client will assess together whether the current stock of food storage containers is sufficient for the weekly service. If not, the chef will make recommendations as to what type of containers should be purchased.

Dinner Parties - as with the regular weekly meal service, the chef is happy to take care of the shopping, food preparation and kitchen cleanup (including pots, pans and kitchen utensils). "Front of the House" matters, however, such as table setup, table service and the cleaning of dishes, cutlery and serving utensils are the responsibility of the client. A reputable staffing agency geared towards providing servers/bartenders is usually the best resource.


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