Feel like taking a break from cooking a few days a week?

Let Chef Duff come to your home and put some marvelously prepared entrées in your refrigerator for a few days a week, getting you out of the kitchen and doing what you really want to do!

He does all the shopping, cooking and cleanup. Consultation and menu-planning are included at no cost. The service is reasonably priced and definitely less than you would pay for a catering company having to cover loads of overhead costs.


Customized Menus

Chef Duff puts together customized menus based upon your specific food and style preferences. You get everything you like and nothing you don't! Here are just a few samples of his many menus - based on a Three-Day Plan - for you to click on and preview:

Sample Menu #1                   

Sample Menu #2                  

Sample Menu #3


How It All Works 

First, the Chef goes over with you all your food and style preferences with a comprehensive questionnaire, where every food and ingredient category is covered in detail, as well as the reheatable containers needed for proper storage in your refrigerator. 

Equipped with this information, the Chef crafts your customized 3-Day Menu Plan - the entree, the starch and/or vegetable sides, sauce and/or accompaniment(s) - and presents it to you beforehand for your approval.

Once the menu is approved (with any modifications, if necessary), a regularly scheduled cooking day and starting time amenable to both parties is established. 

On that day, the Chef hits the grocery store first thing on the way to your home and arrives at the agreed-upon time, sets up, and starts preparing the various meal components, keeping things clean and organized along the way. Once the components are complete, he puts everything together in reheatable containers, stores them in your fridge, and cleans up thoroughly. Complete instructions are provided to reheat the meals in the most optimal way without overcooking, and the Chef is always available to go over the details with you if you have any questions during the time of reheating. Pretty simple and straightforward.     

Plan on entertaining any time soon? 

Chef Duff is also available to cook for your small dinner party (up to 12 people), yacht excursion, cocktail party, romantic dinner for two, double-date, family get-together or any other kind of pow-wow, shindig, confab, palaver or klatch you can muster! Here are a few of his sample dinner party menus:

Sample Dinner Party Menu #1

Sample Dinner Party Menu #2

Sample Dinner Party Menu #3

Sample Dinner Party Menu #4

So whether it's weekly gourmet meal preparation in your home or just a one-time event, give Chef Duff a call at the number below and he will be happy to discuss all the details, as well as answer any and all questions you may have. There's no obligation. 

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